North Georgia wines in our Georgia Room

Come try our extraordinary wines from the North Georgia mountains and Georgia’s low country.

5 Salt Table Drink Ideas for the Holiday Season

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve only days away, you probably have some parties to attend or visitors

coming to town, so we wanted to share a few drink choices—even some non-alcoholic!—to brighten this holiday season.

Mulled Wine

If you’ve never had mulled wine or mead, it’s the perfect drink to complement your holiday meals or warm up on a chilly night, although in Savannah chilly translates to temperatures in the 50s most of  the winter! Our Mulling Spices include cinnamon, orange peel, allspice and cloves and is tasty in tea, apple cider, coffee, mead, and our favorite, red wine. Just make sure they’re full-bodied to stand up to the heat.

Holiday Spice Tea

Our collection of Black OP tea, orange peel, natural orange and clove is ready for steeping anytime.

Salt Tabled Margarita

The fantastic Danielle Harling wrote about using our Toasted Coconut sugar as her margarita rim.  She says on her site, “By far the best sugar or salt rimmer I’ve ever had on a cocktail.” And since everyone has a favorite tequila, we’ll leave that part up to you.

Bloody Mary

With vacation time during the holidays, you might find yourself enjoying some brunches, and we’ve discovered our new favorite use for the Raging River Five Pepper Blend: as a rim for our Bloody Marys (and a dash in the mix to really spice things up!).  Go true Southern style and add some brine from a jar of pickled okra for a twist.

North Georgia Wines Now Available

We’re one of the few places in Savannah that you can find a variety of North Georgia Wines. And don’t turn your nose up at the thought of Georgia grapes—these award-winning wines have beat out Napa Valley wines! We’ve got Wolf Mountain, Tiger Mountain, and Frogtown in our new wine tasting bar, part of the renovated downstairs Georgia Room. Come in and sample, then take home some of your favorites.

And of course, have a safe and happy holiday season!

 What are some of your favorite drink recipes using Salt Table products? Let us know and you could win a $50 credit!

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