Happy Thanksgiving from The Salt Table

At Salt Table Headquarters, we have a lot of be thankful for this year. For starters, Carol and I got married in January. After already owning this business together, marriage has been a piece of cake! 2013 has been a wonderful year no doubt.

1. Beyond what we’re thankful for personally, professionally we’re extremely grateful that with your help we’ve been able to give back to some local nonprofits and events such as:


2. We’re also thankful for all the new partnerships we’ve developed in 2013. We’ve focused on partnering with lots of other Georgia businesses like:


3. And we are so thrilled that several restaurants and hotels have started featuring Salt Table products in their menus, especially Rocks on the River, who have created a separate, special Salt Table menu. We jumped up and down when we found out this was happening! Other restaurants we are grateful to include:

Salt Table products now at Whole Foods!

Carol at the Savannah Whole Foods with the end-cap display of Salt Table Products.

4. Another Salt Table milestone we are thankful for is our new wholesale partner, Whole Foods. As evident by Carol’s big smile in this picture, you could say that we were VERY grateful for this opportunity.

5. And last but not least, we can’t thank all of our fans for supporting us throughout these 2+ years of being in business. Thanks to you, we are now able to open a Pooler location and open our brand new wine tasting bar in the downstairs of our Savannah location. You’ve welcomed us since day one, and we thank you for every review, every visit, every purchase, and every smile you’ve brought to our faces.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. From everyone at The Salt Table, we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

~Dave & Carol

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