Salt Table Resolutions

Share your 2014 foodie resolutions with us!

Our Foodie New Year’s Resolutions

So everyone has New Year’s resolutions. And while we certainly have our fair share of other resolutions (like getting use out of that gym membership!), we decided to create a “foodie” resolutions list this year. Finally, a list of goals we actually have great odds of accomplishing! We’d love to hear at least one of your foodie resolutions for 2014 in the comments.

 1.     Try more food mashups, like the cronut and ramen burger. A hot trend from 2013 that is expected to stay strong in 2014. Read more about mashups in this New York Daily News article Expect Food Mashups in 2014.

 2.     Several places in Savannah, like the Public Kitchen & Bar, have experimented with using some of our seasonings, salts and sugars. We think this is a genius way to have fun with craft cocktails and frankly, this use was not something we thought about when opening the store 2.5 years ago. Create your own twists and get inspired by our “Craft Cocktails” Pinterest board.

 3.     Somehow, cauliflower is being highlighted as the vegetable of 2014. With all the different ways to prepare it (cauliflower steak, buffalo cauliflower, as a noodle replacement), we’ve made it out mission to create some crazy cauliflower recipes of our own. Be on the lookout for these on our blog, and here’s some ideas from The Food Network’s “What’s Next in Food Trends for 2014.”

 4.     Creating craft beer is a foodie’s paradise. You can virtually put any kind of flavoring, fruit, or vegetable into a craft beer for every type of palate.  So, we want to make our first home brew using some Salt Table spices and are turning to this article by The Spice House as inspiration, “Brewing with Spices.”

 5.     Our most ambitious one on the list: Make one new recipe each week (hmm…perhaps a 52 new recipe Salt Table cookbook by the end of the year?!?!). What’s your favorite cookbook we should pick up to brainstorm?

So, what are your #foodieresolutions?

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