We all know how things changed in March 2020.  “Normal” certainly took on a new meaning. For the Salt Table, it was a major challenge to change quickly from a retail shop approach to an online business, but thanks to all of you it worked and we’re still here. Yay! Your support is the key! Just know all of us at the Salt Table and our Georgia Grown producers are very grateful that you shopped with us.

We wondered what you folks like best since this “situation” began. In other words, what did you buy most. So, here’s the top 5. All ‘Round Good Grinder Blend continues to be #1. So, no real surprises there. The one surprise … the Jekyll Island Driftwood Beach Blend made it in the top five. It’s one of Carol’s newest products and people really love it.

(BTW, Another new product, Carol’s Totally Awesome Blend, was just shy of 5th place.)




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