Award-Winning Hogwaller Barbecue Sauces


Nothing Ordinary about these.

Gourmet sauces from our good friend, and pit master, Kenny D:

“What you’re experiencing today is the best of the best. You won’t find a better BBQ sauce anywhere. We Guarantee it. We’ve named our business Ol’Geechee’s to honor A.K. (Pappa) …. And give God all the glory for it.  Voted #1 in the South… me”

Kenny Dasher




There Gourmet Sauces and all from from our good friend, and pit master, Kenny D!

Hogwaller Barbecue Sauce, Old Savannah Style –  5 oz. bottle (18 oz. bottle currently out of stock).  This is the original “Secret Family Recipe”-This mustard and ketchup based Southern Style BBQ sauce is a perfect blend of spices and rich hickory smoked flavor. Naturally gluten free, it goes perfect with chicken, pork and even brisket! The sauce can be used as a marinade and never gets pasty on the grill.

“Blue Heaven” Blueberry Gourmet BBQ Sauce– 18 oz or 5 oz.. bottle. This “heavenly” sauce won the Flavor of Georgia contest in 2011. Good on Ribs, Chicken, and Pork.  This is a ketchup and mustard based sauce with real blueberries, apple cider vinegar and spices.  Contains milk, anchovies.  Gluten Free.

Sweet Blue BBQ Sauce – 18 oz. or 5 oz. bottle, This is a mix of Sweet and Tangy with a splash of spice giving it a balanced flavor perfect for almost anything. Great as a marinade or a dipping sauce or both. Use it on chicken, ribs and cook your meatballs in it for a party favorite. Or, with it only having 50 calories per serving it makes as an excellent dipping sauce and wonderful salad dressing. It’s flat out good.  Gluten free.










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