Cork’s Kettle Corn and Caramel Corn


Great for binge watching your favorite shows!



Our friend David Cork and family have been popping his corn now for about 5 years in Statesboro, Georgia, and still popping it one small batch at a time!  Says David “We love bringing happiness to all those that share our passion for popcorn.”  We think you’ll agree!

  • Original Kettle Corn, 3.5 oz. bag – slightly sweet and made with four ingredients:  popcorn, sugar, oil and salt
  • Caramel Kettle Corn, 6 oz. bag  – made with popcorn, brown sugar, corn syrup, pure cane sugar, butter, oil, salt and soy lecitin  (contains soy and dairy)
  • Simply Salted Kettle Corn, 3.0 oz bag (no sugar added)

Disclaimer:  Not responsible for the addictive nature of these products!











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