Mini Exotic Salt Vials Collection


Dave says, “The Mini-vial gift sets are our best selling gift items!

Now in three options!

Absolutely the perfect gift for the foodie!  They’ll love it!” 


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The Salt Table’s Very Popular Gift Set
… a collection of 5 exotic salts, each in corked glass vials.
Comes packaged in a clear gift box with bow.


Good things do come in small packages. Actual size of Gift Box: 4″ x 4″


The “Mini Exotic Salt Vials Collection”  Enjoy our this popular collection of unique salts from around the world!  Each comes in a corked glass vial, and enough salt to enjoy trying new dishes and seeing how salts can change the way you flavor your favorite foods.  2.0 oz. total net weight (56g)

Cyprus Black flake salt – Harvested from the Mediterranean Sea off the Cyprus coast, Cyprus Black Sea Salt has a large pyramid flake texture and big crunch. A stunning union of flake sea salt and activated charcoal, this special salt highlights a unique texture and stunning flavor due to the addition of the activated charcoal.  It is beautiful on a formal table, used as a garnish to a dish, or sprinkled over caprese salad.

Bolivian Rose mineral salt Bolivian Rose® Andes Mountain Salt is a remarkable and rare mineral salt. Hand-mined from the Andes Mountains in Bolivia, this salt is rich in trace minerals that give each crystal their unique color, ranging from pastel peach tones to yellow-reds and coral shades. With a mild, balanced flavor, Bolivian Rose offers textures and small grain size to showcase itself as a topping on chocolates, truffles and other confections. Try sprinkling on sliced steak or fresh tomatoes!

Alaea Hawaiian  sea salt  – Alaea is an all-natural combination of Pacific sea salt and purified red alae clay from the island of Kauai. Beautiful in color with full flavor and especially hard crystals, this undeniable salt with a gourmet flair holds its own in hearty, juicy, or saucy dishes. The added native alae clay helps seal in moisture, making this also an ideal choice for roasting meats.

Halle German (salz) salt  – Coarse Salt Made in Germany from mineral salt rock deposits dissolved by groundwater and trapped in pools within the bedrock, creating a pristine brine. 100% Natural and free of any additives, Halle salt is produced in huge boiling pans by a German company, Hallore, founded in 1491. The company continues to make the salt at the same location to this very day.  The grains are coarse, but very light in texture, with a very pure flavor.

French Grey sea salt (sel gris) – One of the most versatile and iconic hand-harvested finishing salts is traditionally harvested from the clay-lined salt ponds in the Guérande region of France. Beyond being valued for its soft grey color, mineral-rich content, and time-honored harvesting techniques, its moderate moisture content provides a briny, saline flavor that works well in a wide variety of foods.



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