* New! Mini Infused Sugars Vial Collection


Dave says, “The Mini-vial gift sets are our best selling gift items!

Now in three options!

Absolutely the perfect gift for the foodie!  They’ll love it!” 

Check out The Salt Table’s Newest Sampler Set – perfect for all the salt lovers who want to try something different. Over the years we have been asked for this type of gift item. We selected a best-seller from each basic category of salts. Himalayan, Infused, Hot and Spicy, Smoked, and Exotic.





Introducing The Salt Table’s gift sets for Sugar …
… a collection of 5 varieties of naturally infused sugars, each in corked glass vials.
Comes packaged in a clear gift box with bow.

The “Mini Infused Sugar Vials Collection”  Enjoy this collection of flavorful, natural infused sugars, each in a corked glass vial.  What a fun way to sweeten your favorite desserts, cookies, drinks or fruits.  2.0 oz. total net weight (56g)

Ginger Infused Sugar  Natural cane sugar infused with finely ground real ginger.  Use this sugar to top a lemon sorbet or pumpkin pie or caramelize on top of Crème Brûlée.   Use in stir fry to add a sweet zing.  Perfect on grilled salmon.  Add to a steaming cup of tea.

Espresso Infused Sugar  Natural cane sugar infused with finely ground real expresso bean.  Use this to top chocolate chip cookies, sprinkle on plain yogurt, or even rim an espresso martini.  Mix with sea salt and use as part of a spice rub for steak before grilling.  Sprinkle some on toast spread with almond butter.

Habanero Infused Sugar  Natural cane sugar infused with real, finely ground habanero pepper.  Use just a tiny pinch on holiday fudge for added spice!  Sprinkle a little bit on sliced apples or pineapple.  Spice up tomato juice or a Bloody Mary for a breakfast kick.  Sprinkle on bacon before slowly cooking it in the oven for a crispy, sweet and spicy bacon treat.

Cinnamon Infused Sugar  Natural cane sugar infused with finely ground cinnamon.  Sprinkle on apple pie crust before baking, or on a coffee cake before serving.  Dust it over apple slices for a delicious snack.  Use on top of Indian spiced basmati rice or on Tandoori chicken.  Perfect sprinkled on sugar cookies or on a plain scoop of ice cream.  Try it as a garnish for coffee latte.

Vanilla Bean Infused Sugar  Natural cane sugar infused with finely ground vanilla bean.  Make chocolate brownies, cinnamon rolls or coffee cake extra special with a dusting of this sugar on top.  Try on a bowl of sliced bananas or yogurt.  Adds an extra bit of vanilla goodness to whipped cream or cookies.


Good things do come in small packages. Actual size of Gift Box: 4″ x 4″


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