#1 Overall – Salt Table All Round Good Grinder Blend – Best all-purpose seasoning blend


We’re proud to say that The Salt Table All Round Good Grinder Blend is the best all purpose seasoning blend. The “All Round Good Grinder Blend” launched the Salt table brand and the concept of a “salt store”. Our loyal fans claimed it is “The best all purpose seasoning blend” ever made. Soon after Carol sent the blend out as a Christmas present for the first time our friends demanded more as soon as they ran out. The facts speak for themselves. We have sold many tens of thousands every year since opening on July 4th 2011. Bottles are shipped to every state and the All Round Good Grinder Blend is enjoyed around the world.

NOTE April 18 2020 – due to COVID-19 supply disruptions, large-size (200 ml bottle) empty bottles are not available at this time. The good news is that In place of the 6 oz. large grinder bottle we are offering you a combo deal and you save $2.00 as compared to a 6 oz bottle size!

So, here forward, you can purchase a combo set of a regular size (3 oz.) grinder bottle and a 3 oz. refill bag. That is the equivalent of the 6 oz. grinder bottle and you save $2.00 off the regular price!  Remember – these bottles and grinders are refillable and the grinder will last through one or more refills.


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