Verdant Kitchen Ginger and Turmeric Products


50% Off – Premium Verdant Kitchen honeys and syrups with Ginger and Tumeric! (Some products are not available at this time)





Our friends from Verdant Kitchen have grown their own ginger and turmeric for years, most recently on a local plantation in Savannah, Georgia!

Here’s the lineup:

Ginger Syrup, either 11.oz or 2 oz. sizes – made with pure cane sugar, fresh lemons, and our own USDA Organic Ginger. You can taste the warm breeze as it blows through the Live Oaks. A versatile and delicious vegan and gluten-free USDA Organic treat.  A dash of soda and you can have the most refreshing old-fashioned Ginger Ale or use it as a marinade or salad dressing.

Turmeric Infused Honey, either 12 oz. or 2 oz. sizes – The perfect combination of taking local wildflower honey and slowly infuse it with Turmeric to produce a golden, delicious and healthful delight. Turmeric Infused Honey uses  premium locally grown USDA Organic certified Turmeric rhizomes. There is perhaps no more powerful combination than bringing together the vegan and gluten-free properties of honey and Turmeric. Try it in a smoothie, drizzled over natural yogurt or in tea or coffee.

Ginger Infused Honey, 12 oz.- combines the floral notes of local wildflower honey with the citrus aroma and depth of flavor of white and yellow ginger to create this memorable experience. Slow infusion and raw food dehydration maximize goodness and taste. This precious liquid is made in small batches. Try it as a marinade on salmon, in a tea with hot water and lemon, drizzled on fresh apples or just as a spoonful of pleasure.

Ginger & Spiced Honey Syrup, 11 oz.  is crafted with USDA Organic syrup, cardamom, and honey for a rich, zesty, and sweet flavor, for pancakes, cooking, marinades, coffee.

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