Savannah Grown Ginger infused Syrup


Ginger Syrup – natural goodness in a bottle.



This premium ginger syrup is crafted from Organic Savannah White Hot Ginger (YES, grown right here on a plantation in Savannah). Add two tablespoons to a cup of club soda for a home-made Ginger Ale.  Enjoy over ice cream, or serve with pancakes.  It is sooooooooo good!!

Or how about…

Sweet, hot and sultry – made with pure cane sugar, fresh lemons, and our USDA Organic Savannah Ginger. You can taste the warm breeze as it blows through the Live Oaks on our farm. A dash of soda and you can have the most refreshing old fashioned Ginger Ale, but when the sun goes down and the kids are in bed you have some serious choices to make. A ginger martini, that would be simple. But how about a Moscow Mule or Dark ‘N Stormy? To finish the look of this delicious syrup, this treat is bottled in a curvaceous Italian glass hip flask.

Ingredients:  Cane sugar, organic ground ginger, lemons

Our friends from Verdant Kitchen make the best ginger products and we are happy to offer a couple of them for our customers who love to get Savannah local products.



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