Original Maryland Fried Chicken Hot Sauce


It’s like a buffalo sauce, only better! And. it’s Georgia grown!!


In 1997, Rick and Robin Heavilon returned to Robin’s hometown, Waycross, Georgia.  Soon they opened “The Original Maryland Fried Chicken” in the small neighboring town of Blackshear, Georgia.  Rick envisioned the “perfect” hot sauce and utilized tips from chefs he met during his business travels.  After a little trial and error, he created a fabulous hot sauce to compliment his fried chicken and fries!
The Original Maryland Fried Chicken Hot Sauce is an awesome medium gourmet sauce. Perfect for adding a hot kick to any recipe or marinade. Rick crafted this sauce to compliment buffalo wings and chicken tenders, but it is great for chili, tacos, and shrimp.It’s great for family gatherings, tail gating or in your favorite recipes.
Ingredients:  vinegar, water, margarine, citric acid, flavor, beta carotene, vitamin A palmitate, honey, salt, cayenne red pepper, garlic powder.  Contains:  syobeans









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