These videos explain why we support River’s of the World with three of our top selling spice blends. Raging River 5 Pepper BlendRocking River Grinder Blend and the newest to the family, Old Man River Blend are for sale in our shops and on the Salt Table web site. And, the purchase you make of either product will make a difference in the lives of many. We also encourage you to send a donation directly to ROW. Or, you can embark on a fundraising program on behalf of ROW. More details are below.

Recently Carol and Dave were guests on WTOC TV’s Mid-Morning Show in support of ROW.

Check Out a Great Fundraising opportunity! This a “spicy” way to raise funds for your next project and help ROW at the same time. You’ll understand … once you taste the new spice blends … ROW’s new “Raging River” and “Rockin’ River” spice and seasoning blends!

Click here for an informational sheet (PDF) with more details. Please feel free to call us with any questions or suggestions at 912-447-0200. Ask for Carol or Dave.

Or, you can purchase a couple bottles for yourself. For every bottle purchased online or , we send $2.00 to ROW. Or buy by the case. CLICK HERE for Other Rivers of the World products

We are so blessed to have the good fortune to live in such a wonderful country. A place where a unique idea can take hold and be supported by friends, neighbors and folks we never met become new friends.

Salt Table products enhance the flavors of food. That is what we are all about. But, in many parts of the world men, women and children go to bed hungry, illiterate and unable to fend for themselves with little prospect that the next day will improve. Many suffer from disease and blindness due to the lack of medicine and the basic understanding of how to prevent severe illness.

We recently learned of River’s of the World, an amazing organization that brings humanitarian programs to remote regions of the world.

We plan to have programs to support this and other organizations with promotions where your purchase will help their efforts to improve the lives of those less fortunate.

Please click on the image below and learn more about Rivers of the World.