The Salt Table in Savannah

If you’ve been shopping on Savannah’s Broughton Street lately, you may have noticed a new shop. It’s called The Salt Table, and it is such a cool store! They carry a variety of specialty salts, sugars, teas, seasonings, and more. With samples always on display, you can try some of the goodies for yourself. You won’t believe all the offerings that this store carries- strawberry sugar anyone?! And you have to try the Truffle Salt on popcorn at the in-store display!!!!!!

Not a franchise, The Salt Table was opened earlier this year by a husband and wife team and is a unique, local, Savannah brand. The staff is friendly and the products are AMAZING, so why haven’t you visited them yet?! Make The Salt Table a must-stop on your Savannah shopping itinerary. Whether you are looking for some new flavors to try or want to bless a friend with a unique gift this Christmas, The Salt Table has what you are looking for.

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