The Salt Table is a small company that has a solid commitment to the citizens of the Savannah area and around the State of Georgia. The owners of the Salt Table, Dave and Carol Legasse, have served on the boards of a variety of organizations. Over the years, Dave and Carol have also established relationships with a number of non-profits and other service organizations.

On a daily basis small businesses, including the Salt Table, receive requests for donations of cash, mechanize, and services. Unfortunately, due to the shear numbers of request small businesses are unable to donate to most all of them, regardless of their worthiness or importance. We hope you all understand this reality even though most of those organizations who request donations are very worthy of support.


We do have an alternate approach to help organization rasie funds. This offering will not fit all situations, but here it is…

The Salt Table is pleased to provide our best selling Salt Table products for your fundraising activities and events.

It’s easy. We offer Salt Table best-selling products to your Church, School Group or non-profit organization at far below our standard retail pricing in cases of 20. You then sell the products to your members and friends and double your money! (See Frequently Asked Questions below)

For larger orders, we can assist your organization by having your own special labels to help promote your organization for months after the purchase. (Special labels are charged a one time fee of $50 per product label.)

Here are some of our top sellers, other products may also be available for your fundraising endeavors.

        • All ‘Round Good Grinder Blend – #1 Best Seller!
        • Savannah Summer Salt Seasoning
        • Savannah Sizzle Seasoning And Rub
        • River Street Cobblestone Blend
        • Savannah Spanish Moss Blend
        • Southern Herb Garden Grinder Blend
        • Smoked Onion And Garlic Sea Salt
        • Himalayan Pink Salt, Coarse Grain
        • Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine Grain
        • Savannah Live Oak Lime And Pepper Blend
        • and, others.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Are there minimum orders? Minimum orders are 60 bottles per product (5 cases of 12 bottles)
    • Can labels have our organization noted on the bottle? Yes. Personalized labels contain the name and/or logo of the organization. The artwork is charged at $50 per product. This is a one time fee.
    • Is shipping to my location extra? Yes. Shipping is an extra charge per USPS flat rate fees. Pick ups can be arranged in the Savannah area.
    • What is turn around? About 4 weeks from date of payment and approved label art, if any.
    • What are payment arrangements? All orders are prepaid by credit card.
    • Can unsold products be returned: The good news is these products ell very well. Unfortunately, as food, these items cannot be returned, but we suggest that they be given to food banks or other non-profits that provide food services to the community.
    • Can any organization participate? Any recognized non-profit organization can participate, including schools, and churches.
    • How much money will your organization earn? Your organization sets the retail price per bottle, but in most cases you can expect to make about 50% profit overall. In other words, you may be able to double your money or more. If you are selling to your friends of your organization, Salt Table products (or any product) should be an easy sale.

CLICK HERE to download a sell sheet of our top selling products.



    The Salt Table provides a significant discount on Salt table products as a means to help organizations raise funds. This form will not be relied to if this is a request for a donation from the Salt Table.
  • Items are generally shipped via USPS, but orders can also be picked up at either Salt Table location in Savannah or Pooler.
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