The Salt Table began its commitment to the environment before we first opened our doors in 2011. It was then that we decided that all grinder tops should be reusable and that all spice, salt, sugar and other Salt Table bottles be made of PETE #1 recyclable plastic or glass.

We have continued this promise and, since then, we have added other environmental sensitive practices to the list.  And, we encourage our vendors to do the same. For example, internally — to transport products within our company — we use reusable, recyclable tubs.  In our shipping endeavors we use recycled and recyclable packing materials. When we occasionally receive packing materials from others that are not recyclable, we reuse those materials rather than throw them away. In doing so we reduced, in half, the impact these materials have on our environment.

We are kind to the environment in other ways. We launder cloth cleaning towels and in so doing we significantly reduces the use of paper products. In addition, all of our cleaning supplies and pest management products are environmentally friendly.  

So, please rest assured that all of us at The Salt Table are fully committed to maintain clean and healthy facilities, to use every method possible to produce the healthiest products that are 100% natural, and to bottle our products in a manner that is safe for the environment and reduce dependence on landfills. 

Thank you,


Carol and Dave