Carol is always creating awesome new seasoning blends and other great products. This page introduces you to some of her newest creations.

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* NEW! Hostess City Southern Hospitality Blend


This is our Hostess City Southern Hospitality Blend devoted to the South’s vibrant colors and fresh herbal flavors! It’s a delicious “Savannah-Style” blend that comes with a shaker top for easy flavoring. Sprinkle it on fresh garden vegetables, summer tomatoes, or any salad dish or a wonderful comfort casserole.

We even had our local Savannah author, Damon Lee Fowler, create special recipes for this blend! Scroll down and check them out.

100% All natural ingredients: Himalayan pink salt, green onion, chive, parsley, rosemary, thyme, lemon essence, natural food coloring (vegetable juices and spices).


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Save $1.00 – New and Fantastic Seasoning Blend – “Denyce’s Opera Blend”

$8.95 $7.95

Special Introductory Offer: Save $1.00  per bottle

Denyce’s Opera Blend: The Center Stage of Your Meal!

It is a perfect gourmet blend that will add an exciting new twist to fish, chicken, vegetables and starches. You’ll love it! Brava!!

Ingredients:  Salt, white peppercorns, garlic, pink peppercorns, shallot, parsley, rosemary, oregano, basil, chive, lavender, turmeric, lemon extract, vegetable colorants


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Totally Awesome Grinder Blend!


Not too long ago, Carol had an itch to come up with a new grinder blend flavor. It’s best to just let her go at it. When she’s ready she’ll bring it to Dave and will ask, “What do you think?” Dave will then take a tiny taste and will rate it 1 to 5. But, on this occasion Dave rated it a 10. He said, “Wow, that is awesome.” Soon the entire staff was excited, they used the same description, “Awesome.” That weekend Carol served some to our friends, Ray and Carolyn … Same response. “That is totally awesome.” So now you know how this blend got its name!! (No kidding!)

Grind the Goodness with our brand new Grinder Blend!

Click HERE for the 3.0 oz Refill Bag!


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