The Salt Table Offers an Awesome Selection of International and Exotic Salts!

One of The Salt Table’s largest categories of salt is our selection of International and Exotic Salts. The Salt Table features salt from the island of Bali, to the Himalayan Mountains, to the Whisky Smoked Salt from Ireland. Bolivian Mountain Salt and Peruvian Pink? Yep, we have those. We have both the white flake salt and the black flake salt from Cyprus. Or, if you prefer red salt, we have that too! Our red salt is from Hawaii, along with our black Hawaiian salt. Our grey salt is from France. We have sea salt from England and the Pacific. And, if you like your salt boiled and from Germany, our friend Sabine from Halle, Germany, help us be the only place in the US to offer it. (That’s quite a story about Savannah’s Sister City, Halle, Germany and it goes back to 1734.) Halle salt has been boiled there for thousands of years. And, by the way, Halle salt is certified to be as pure as you can get. 

So, take a minute and check out or exceptional selection of International and Exotic salts. .Just scroll down … you’ll find salt from every corner of the world!

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