Some of The Salt Table’s most popular Georgia Grown food products are not for people. They’re designed for your family’s furry member, your dog! At our shops, people will see the dog biscuit display and immediate get sad about leaving their ‘fur baby’ at home for a few days. So, they grab up a couple packs and immediately they’re relieved of the guilt! I’m laughing, but it’s true  

The other truth is that dogs do love these Georgia Grown goodies. Carol and Dave’s dog is named ‘Jack’. He’s a Jack Russell, and he’s the smartest little guy ever. Carol and Dave love to teach him tricks. They call it “practice time” … but for Jack, practice time means, “Okay, If I do a few quick tricks, I’ll get a treat.” In fact, out of the blue, he’ll do a trick and then stare at Carol and Dave. (Who’s in charge?) As said, Jack is a smart little guy … and, he loves both brands on this web site; Oliver Bentley’s and Southern Paws. And, these fine products carry Jack’s “Seal of Approval!”  (And yes, when we travel, we feel guilty about leaving Jack home, too!)

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