About 90 miles south of Savannah, Georgia, and about 70 miles north of Jacksonville, Florida, sits one of the most beautiful islands on the Altantic coast, historic and beautiful Jekyll Island. Accessable by car, it is one place a visitor to Georgia must visit. The Salt Table is very proud to have a shop in Beach village, next to the beach and just between the Convention Center and the Westin Resort.

When Carol gets creative, well, let’s just say, stand back. She doesn’t need much of a reason, but opening a new store is one of them. A little over a year ago we opened a Salt Table shop in a truly wonderful place … Jekyll Island, Georgia, at Beach Village. (It proved to be a very good decision.) Since then, Carol has developed a number of new seasoning blends in honor of the Island and its beauty. We call them the Jekyll Island Trio, and they are available to you in our shops and online.

The beauty of the Island is so breathtaking that Carol designed three seasoning blends in its honor, and all three are already very popular.

  • Jekyll Island Driftwood Beach Blend. Carol created this blend soon after opening our store on Jekyll Island.
  • Jekyll Island Beachview Coastal Blend. A Blend created with beach marsh colors!
  • Jekyll Island Southern Festival Blend. A Blend created to showcase Southern herbs!

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