Would your products be a good fit with The Salt Table?

Is your business based in Georgia, or South Carolina and you are a specialty food company that is interested in selling your food products through the The Salt Table shops and web site?

If yes, 1) you must have a sales tax exemption (or equivalent) and 2) you must be approved by the government to sell your products if they are consumable and, 3) your products require a shelf life of 12 months or more from date of delivery. In addition, the Salt Table does not sell food products that contain artificial ingredients.

To be considered, all inquiries start with the form below. It is offered as a convenience for you to start the discussion with us regarding your products.

At this current time, food and wine sold in The Salt Table are produced and/or packaged in the States of Georgia and South Carolina.


Please fill out the form below. We will get back to you right away.  If you do not hear from us within a few days, please feel free to call our production facility at 912-988-1154.

If you wish to send samples of your products, please ship to Salt Table LLC, 1370 US Highway E, Pooler, GA 31322. Please mark on the box, “Samples.”

Note: The Salt Table is an independent company, and we reserve the right to amend any condition to sell or not sell any product at any time.

Thank you.


Dave and Carol Legasse

Salt Table LLC | 1370 US Highway E, Pooler, GA 31322 | 912-988-1154

    Note: The Salt Table strives to sell only locally food products. These include products that are produced in Georgia or from across the Savannah River in South Carolina.
  • The Salt Table does not offer products with this ingredient?
  • Clearly some products, such as snacks, crackers, cereals, and bread may contain gluten. The question is: If you offer products that contain gluten are the labels clearly marked as such. Please explain. (If none of your products contain gluten, please indicate that as well)
  • In the State of Georgia, all food packages are REQUIRED to have a Lot Code clearly shown on the package. Some products are also required to have an expirartion date or date of manufacture. If you need further information about this, please check with the GA Department of Agriculture. The Salt Table requires a Date code and Lot Number, that Salt Table can decipher, and the package must have one of the following: "Best Used By Date", "Expiration Date", or "Date of Manufacture" with a known shelf life of the product. It is essential the The Salt Table be able to rotate stock appropriate to the shelf life. This practice assures product freshness and reduces customer concerns and unwarranted and mark-downs. The Salt Table reserves the right to refuse products delivered without proper expiration information.
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