Click on the below headings to view PDF documents explaining the properties and uses of virtually all of our salts, seasoning blends, and spices. Feel free to view or download these documents. These documents are perfect for helping you better understand our product line.

We at The Salt Table are very proud to produce exceptional products made from the finest ingredients. We produce and sell hundreds of products under our Salt Table brand. We are proud members of Georgia Grown® and are proud sell many these products in our shops and on line. The Salt Table staff hand mix and blend all products. All bottles and bags are also packaged and labeled by hand. All products meet or exceed all federal and state guidelines on food product preparation. All products are clearly marked with the ingredients. No Salt Table products contain MSG. All of our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our customers love are products and we hope you will as well!

#1 – Exotic Salt Guide

An informative guide to our variety of exotic salts including: smoked salts, river, ocean and lake salts, along with mined and mineral salts.

#2 – Infused Salt Guide

These sea salts are infused with the finest natural ingredients. All ingredients are liquified, mixed with sea salt, and then re-evaporated. This locks the color and flavor throughout each salt crystal for the best smell and taste.

#3 – Smoked Salts Guide

Smoked Sea Salts are a wonderful, all natural way to add extra flavor to your recipes, without the hassle of a big smoker. These salts are smoked salts are hand-crafted by using a smoking process, allowing the sea salt to absorb maximum flavor without becoming bitter. These smoked salts add a unique and aromatic flame-grilled touch to your dishes.

#4 – Seasoning Blends Guide

This guide covers the origin and various uses for all of our natural seasoning blends, spices, and peppers.

#5 – Peppers & Spice Guide

This guide covers the origin and various uses for our assortment of peppercorns including: black, white, and red peppercorns.

#6 – Exotic Sugar Guide

This guide covers the many uses of our selection of infused and naturally flavored sugars.

#7 – Himalayan Salt Plate Usage

This guide covers the the basic care and usage of our Himalayan Salt Plates focusing on cooking, chilling, and cleaning.See our information videos about Himalayan Salt Blocks. Click Here!

#8 – Some Like It Hot Guide

(Hot to Very Hot Salts and Spices)

This guide covers some of our hottest and most popular spicy salts, seasonings, and blends. If you like things hot, then look no further!

Salt Table “Special” Fruit Tea Recipe

If you’ve been to our Savannah store, then you’ve probably tried our most popular tea, the Strawberry, Peach & Lemon “Special Tea.” If you’d like to know how to brew this delicious tea at home, the above recipe will show you how. In fact, if you’ve never brewed tea before and would like to know how, this recipe will also take you through the steps. Our Strawberry Peach Tea is typically the tea used in our Savannah store recipe, but any of our fruit teas can be substituted.

Vanilla Guide

This guide covers the origin and various uses for our vanilla beans and extracts including: Mexican, Tahitian, and Madagascar vanillas.