Our “No Salt” Seasoning Blends & Salt Substitutes … and, they all taste great!

Sometimes you just don’t want salt, or you want to add a specific amount to your receipts, or perhaps you or a loved one are on a “Salt Free” or “Low Salt” diet.If so, then these are the seasoning blends for you! All of these are very popular, especially, Salt Table’s No Salt Seasoning blend, and Old Man River, which is in our top 20 overall products.

Here’s another thought! It may seem like a bit of an oxymoron that a store that features “Salt” in its name also features awesome “No Salt” seasoning products … but not really! The Salt Table produces lots of great flavors … something to suit every taste, literally. Besides, some folks prefer to decide how much, or how little, salt they have in their diets. So, with Carol’s fabulous “Old Man River” and “Salt Table’s No Salt Seasoning” everyone one can start their recipes with lots of flavor and then add salt to their liking. And, as we said, both of these “No  Salt” seasoning blends are Carol’s creations and both are very popular, and we have many more on in our Salt Free category. Like we said something for everyone. 😉

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