There’s nothing ordinary about the hot sauces available at The Salt Table. They’re all made by Georgians who are very proud of their spicy hot products. Many of these recipes are handed down for generations. Others were more recently created in a backyard somewhere around the state and their friends and family urged them to bottle it and sell it. (Carol and Dave will tell you that’s no small task) This nice variety of sauces are as different from each as they could be… but, we promise, they’re all awesome, and they’re all Georgia Grown.

Try some of these very unique and fabulous condiments that will add HEAT to grilled meats, wings, and make killer sandwiches!

Try some of Georgia Grown’s best and totally awesome hot sauces:

  • Hot! Midland Ghost White Pepper Sauce – 8 oz. bottle, a savory white sauce (you put it on smoked pork or beef, or as a sandwich sauce) crafted with home grown ghost peppers (that means it’s very hot).  Contains egg, fish, soy
  • Hot! Peachey’s Fiery Herb Wing Sauce and Marinade – 15 oz bottle, a vinegar based sauce with aged peppers.  Contains milk.
  • Hot! Midland Red Sauce – 5 oz. bottle, a delicious sauce made in small batches from homegrown ghost peppers.
  • Hot! Bootlikker Hot Sauce, made with Tequila – 6 oz. flask bottle, very popular and made with cayenne and jalapeno peppers.
  • Hot! Bootlikker JACK Hot Sauce, made with Whiskey – 6 oz. flask bottle, the newest Bootlikker – made with cayenne, jalapeno and Jack Daniel’s Corn Whiskey
  • Hot! Petreaux’s Georgia Peach Habanero Sauce – 5 oz. bottle, first ingredient is peaches, so you know it’s going to be sweet and hot, a great combination.
  • Hot! Georgia Land and Cattle’s Major Merritt’s Hot Sauce – 5 oz. bottle, the major says it’s good on everything, and we agree.  It packs a lot of peppers.
  • Hot! Boiler Bold Gold Mustard Sauce – 5 oz. bottle, a mustard sauce with Worcestershire, and a touch of heat
  • Hot!  Maryland Fried Chicken Hot Sauce – 12 oz. or 5 oz. bottles, an original recipe for a locally owned restaurant in Blackshear, Georgia.  It’s like a buffalo sauce, only better!

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