Salt Table’s Top 20 (plus 5) Online

Salts & Seasoning Blends 

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Top 25 out of over 200 Salt Table products purchased online
Updated November 2021


1. All ‘Round Good Grinder Blend (#1 from day 1)

2. Award Winner! Tybee Island Coastal Blend (Super on seafood and just about everything else)

3. Savannah Live Oak Lime & Pepper (mmmmm)

4. Smoked Bacon Salt (Who doesn’t love bacon!)

5. Savannah Grillin’ Blend – AWARD Winner! (Best rub ever)

6. Jekyll Island Driftwood Beach Blend (Pretty new, but so good it shot to the top)

7. Black Truffle Sea Salt (Unbelievable. Earthy. Bold. A very special flavor)

8. Pink Himalayan Salt Powder, fine, or coarse grain … Customers LOVE this salt, in all of its forms.

9. Ghost Pepper Sea Salt (For those who like heat)

10. Old Man River Blend (No salt! Loads of flavor!!)

11. Dave’s House Salt (Dave loves it. You will, too!)

12. Nice ‘n’ Spicy Seafood and Bloody Mary Blend (Always popular. Especially good as a cold Bloody Mary)

13. AWARD Winner! Leek, Clive & Onion Blend (Endless options)

14. Smoked Onion & Garlic. (Great in so many ways)

15. Totally Awesome. (Try it. You’ll understand how it got its name.)

16. Salt Table’s No Salt Salt ( No salt. Lots of flavor.)

17. Savannah Summer Salt (Great on everything, anytime of year, especially fries, chicken and corn on the cob.)

18. Lime and Chili Sea Salt (New, but so good it made the list!)

19. Southern Italian Grinder Blend (Momma Mia!)

20. Savannah Sunshine Lemon & Peppercorn (Customers love it!)

Next 5 Runners Up:

21. Raging River – 5 Pepper Blend (Very spicy, very Popular)

22. Savannah Spanish Moss (Unique and dreamy)

23. River Street Cobblestone Blend (Pretty dang good!)

24. High Performance Blend (Perfect for runners & athletes)

25. Everything but the bagel blend. (This flavor is unmistakeable)

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