The Salt Table


What is the Salt Table?

Simply put, the Salt Table is a Savannah-based brand of award-winning proprietary specialty food products. 


First off, we are not a restaurant!  But, we do create and produce proprietary specialty food products that enhance the flavors of meals prepared in fine restaurants as well as for your kitchen and backyard grill. Actually, we are a national brand developed in Savannah by the founders, Carol and Dave Legasse. It was back in 2011when they first developed the Salt Table line of salts, spice blends, sugars, teas, dip mixes, and other specialty food products.

Dave and Carol Legasse, founders and owners of The Salt Table

We are not a franchise! The Salt Table brand of products are sold in our privately-owned shops scattered along the coast of Georgia and in other fine specialty shops throughout the country.

With very few exceptions, all Salt Table products, are made in our own food processing plant located just outside Savannah, in Pooler, Georgia. The Salt Table Brand now produces hundreds of different specialty food products. Most are Carol’s creations, and all are our own secret recipes that are hand-mixed, prepared, and packaged by an amazing staff of dedicated and talented food artisans.

The Georgia Grown logo, the symbol representing food produced the “Nature’s Favorite State®”

We are all about “Buy Local” and Georgia Grown products. Dave and Carol, founders of The Salt Table, were promoting the talented producers of Savannah-made and Georgia-made food products before they were aware of the State of Georgia’s Commodity Commission dedicated to Georgia foods, Georgia Grown. Both organizations launched about the same time. Since 2012, The Salt Table continues to proudly promote and feature other Georgia-based food artisans and feature their products in The Salt Table shops and on Salt Table web site. These are all ‘Georgia Grown’ members and their products are sold by the Salt Table, including, Coffee • Tea • Sauces • Jellies/Jams • Peanuts & Pecans • Grits • Snacks • Seasonings • Salts • Dip Mixes • Honey • Syrups • Sugars • Salsa • Pancake Mix • Crackers • Popcorn • Balsamic Vinegars • Infused Oils • Olive, Pecan and Sunflower Oils • Grits • Pickles • Ginger Products • Candy • and much more. You get the idea.

Carol and Dave Legasse are dedicated to the community locally as well as on a state-wide and industry level. Promotion of Georgia Grown products has been a passion, that eventually led to Dave becoming the Chairman of the Georgia Grown Commodity Commission.

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