Report Defective, Lost and/or Damaged Shipments

Please complete and submit your claim below. The Salt Table will respond within one or two business days.

Regarding lost of broken shipments: The Salt Table has no control over your shipment once it is taken by the USPS. These shipments are insured by the USPS, and only the USPS has control on reimbursing claims. Timely and accurate information is essential. In the case of damage, do not discard any of the packing materials. The USPS may wish to make an inspection. Thank you.

Defect/Damaged or Missing Shipment Issue

  • Missing/Late: If this is a missing package, indicate the tracking number if you have it and when it was supposed to arrive. Damaged package and contents: If this matter includes a damaged package, you must include description of the package itself. Don't thow away the shipping container. It may be needed by the US Post Office (or other shipper). Product issue: If this is a product issue please describe completely what the problem is.
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    IF THIS MATTER INCLUDES DAMAGE OR BROKEN PRODUCT, Include, pictures of the package, any broken item(s), and the address label on the package. If this is a product issue, please show images to help illustrate the problem, if appropriate. You can upload PDFs, JPGs, MS Word, and Excel. Note: Each file must be less than 2MB or the file will be rejected.
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