And, the winners are …
A lot of things have changed since March. The Salt Table’s online offering is one of those changes. How people buy on our web site and what they buy has also changed. We thought it would be fun to see exactly what Salt Table brand products our customers like best based on their purchases since March.
So, in each of our many categories of Salt Table brand products, we determined the “winner”. And, to make it easier for you, each and every one of those best sellers in each category is posted below.
Number #1 Salt Table Brand Products by Category
#1 Balsamic Vinegar:  Fresh Fig Balsamic Vinegar
#1 Infused Salt: Ghost Pepper Salt
#1 Infused Sugar: Cinnamon Sugar
#1 International Salt: Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine Grain
#1 Loose Tea: Fresh Peach Black Tea
#1 No Salt (Salt Free) Seasoning Blend: Old Man River Blend
#1 Seasoning in a Grinder Bottle: All ‘Round Good Grinder Blend (#1 Overall)
#1 Seasoning in a Shaker Bottle:  Savannah Grillin’ Blend
#1 Smoked Salt: Smoked Bacon Salt

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