Fan’s Love the Salt Table!

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Carol and Dave want to thank our fans who submitted these wonderful videos.
We are so pleased by the kind words and support.

If you’d like to send one, simply post it on YouTube, Facebook, or other Social media and send us the link!

Anthony – Watches “Cooking with Denyce [Graves]” on Sundays at 2:00pm. He says, “Denyce’s Opera Blend” is a hit in his home!”
Riverside, California

Maria and Sherrill –  Cooking Up with Salt Table

Becky – Lavender and Face Masks
North Carolina

Michael – Salt Table Seasoning is “Good for his Soul”

Ben – Chef Bennie here!
North Georgia

Mindy & Ricky – “Ricky’s Restaurant”
Bluffton, South Carolina

Brady – Blending Ghost Pepper with Honey!
Lake Jackson, Texas

Patrick and Marley – “Love the Salt Table’s All Round Good Grinder Blend with a twist!”
Savannah, Georgia

Chad – Loves Black Truffle Mushroom Sea Salt!

Ray & Carolyn – “Everyone loves dogs & the Salt Table!”
Shellman Bluff, Georgia

Damon – “I have nine cookbooks under my belt, and … I love the Salt Table’s all natural products…”
Savannah, Georgia

Rene – The Salt Table is a sure stop for out-of-town visitors
Savannah, Georgia

Dusty – “Enjoys The Salt Table’s Savannah Pride Blend.”
Savannah, Georgia

Richard and his family – Our very First Customers
North Carolina

Hayley – She talks about her favorite Salt Table products, Honey and Cinnamon Sugar! Sweet video!
Savannah, Georgia

Rose – She loves the Salt Table for outdoor grilling!

Janelle – Everyone needs a spicy life!
Chicago, Illinois

Sabine & Henry – “Running low on their favorite Salt Table products.” This video comes all the way from …

Jeff – His croutons are better with “Everything but the Bagel” Blend. He’ll show you how!
Bradenton, Florida

Tiffany – She is a business woman and a mom, and Salt Table helps her prepare quick, easy and healthy meals!
Rincon, Georgia

Jessica – “One of my favorites, Savannah Summer Salt Seasoning … A little spice, a little smokey!”
Rochester, New York

Valerie – Baking a Chicken!
Savannah, GA

Jestin & Libby with Star Kitty, Schubert
New York City, NY

Vaughnette – “The Savannah Salt Table Shop is like a variety store. So much to see!”
Savannah, Georgia

Jonathan & Marlene: No need to miss their Salt Table products in an “Island Paradise”
Puerto Rico

Opera Star Denyce Graves  – Introduces “Cooking with Denyce” Seasoning Blend
Note: This is not an video entry, but it is a video you should watch 😉

Lorelei – “Why I love the Salt Table.”
Savannah, Georgia

Susan – She is the manager of the Salt Table shop’s and quite a popular person on the island. This is a little tour of the shop located in Beach Village, right next to the Westin resort.
Jekyll Island, Georgia

(Since Susan is an employee her video cannot be entered in the video contest,
however you should make a point to say hello next time you’re on Jekyll Island!)