The Salt Table has suspended the wholesale division of Salt Table and Fancy Savannah Brand products until further notice.


We are continuing to supply products to Corporate/Trade clients and special occasions such as weddings and other special events. Click HERE.

Carol and I regret to inform you that due to ongoing issues related to continuing labor shortages and an unreliable supply chain, we have made the difficult decision to suspend the wholesale side of our business until further notice.

Unfortunately, some of our suppliers are not fulfilling their obligations to us for essentially the same reasons. Some ship to us months late or tell us months later they cannot ship. Some even try to squeeze us for unreasonable price increases. For these reasons we have decided to concentrate solely on our core business of brick-and-mortar retail shops and online sales.

Simply put, we do not wish to subject our customers to delays and price increases or find ourselves in the difficult decision to either fulfill a wholesale order or stock our own shelves.

We hope to renew this service at some future date. We wish you the very best in your business endeavors.


Dave and Carol