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Sampling of best sellers & favorites from The Salt Table.

Comes with Reusable Grinder Top (additional products have been added):

Salt Table Product # Salt Table Best Selling Products Out of 200* Item Description
400 1 All Round Good Grinder Blend
1230 2 Tybee Island Coastal Blend
75 4 Himalayan Pink Salt, coarse grain
672 11 Smoked Onion & Garlic Sea Salt, coarse grain
1640 12 Halle/Savannah Seasoning Blend
1641 14 Halle Salz (Pure German Salt)
1127 15 River Street Cobblestone Blend
692 16 Southern Herb Garden Grinder Blend


Comes in Shaker Bottle (additional products have been added):

Salt Table Product # Salt Table Best Selling Products Out of 200* Item Description
1639 3 Leek, Chive & Onion Seasoning & Dip Blend
79 5 Himalayan Pink Salt, fine grain
34 6 Ghost Pepper Infused Sea Salt
1231 7 Savannah Grillin Blend
1143 8 Savannah Live Oak Lime & Pepper Blend
879 9 Savannah Sizzle Seasoning & Rub
856 10 Savannah Summer Salt
1128 13 Savannah Spanish Moss Blend

All ingredients are 100% natural and some may be seasonal, therefore some products are subject to availability.

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