Midland Ghost Pepper Sauces


Nothing Ordinary about these.


Try some of these hot sauces, made from home grown peppers:

  • Midland Ghost White Pepper Sauce – 8 oz. bottle, a savory white sauce (you put it on smoked pork or beef, or as a sandwich sauce) crafted with home grown ghost peppers (that means it’s very hot).  Contains egg, fish, soy
  • Midland Red Sauce5 oz. bottle, a delicious sauce made in small batches from homegrown ghost peppers.
  • Sip-Sac w/ Red & White Mini Bottles –  Give the gift of pepper sauce! You get the Midland Ghost Red Pepper Sauce and the White Pepper Sauce in an insulated paper sack. These mini bottles (50ml) are the perfect sampler size or travel companion.
    Midland Ghost started as an experiment growing ghost peppers and turned into perfecting our own pepper sauce recipe. From there it spread from friend to friend. Our sauces have the deliciously bold flavor of a ghost pepper but not all of the heat. As a multi-generational family venture, we plant, harvest and process all the peppers ourselves. We hope our sauce inspires food lovers everywhere to enjoy a meal with friends and family. ”
    Quote from David Leminieux, founder of Midland Ghost Sauces.









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