#15 Overall Best-Seller – Himalayan Pink Salt, Coarse Grain


Salt Table’s 100% Natural Himalayan Pink Salt – Coarse Grain in Bottles and Refill Bags

100% natural, Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the purest salts available on earth. Mined from deep in the Himalayan Mountains, this salt crystallized more than 200 million years ago and remains protected from modern-day pollution and impurities. It contains more than 84 trace minerals and none of the additives or aluminum compounds found in refined table salt.


Himalayan Pink Salt comes in varying hues, ranging from translucent white to fleshy pink to clear red. Add color and conversation to your table.  This is a coarse grain in a bottle with a re-usable grinder cap!

  • Uses: Use as your regular cooking salt and also your table salt, it does what salt is intended to do, enhance the flavor of food not just make it salty.


Quick Tips for Flavorful Dishes for One or a Family:

Himalayan Pink Salt
  • When baking chocolate chip cookies, sprinkle a little salt on the cookies prior to baking (or brownies)
  • Sprinkle on freshly grilled corn on the cob, add butter and nothing else
  • Sprinkle on an avocado before plating on your salad
  • Substitute pink salt for any other salt in regular recipes


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