New Sugar Blends for any Festive Occasion


Carol’s newest sweet magic for festive occasions!  Perfect for all the sugar lovers who want to try something different!

Cocoa-licious! Choco-Spresso Sugar Blend  & Spicy-sweet! Holiday Magic Sugar Blend  





 The Salt Table’s Newest Infused Sugars


Take your occasions up a notch with these amazing blends of Salt Table infused sugars, and a touch of salt!  They will add a sparkling and flavorful touch to your baked goods and hot beverages.

Each one comes in a 2 oz. cork bottle.

Cocoa-licious! Choco-Spresso Sugar Blend – Natural cane sugar, dark cocoa, espresso bean, vanilla bean, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt.

Ideas for use:  Sprinkle on buttered toast, brownies, ice cream, coffee latte, hot chocolate, egg nog, sugar cookies, pies


Spicy-sweet! Festive Magic Sugar Blend – Natural cane sugar, cinnamon, clove, vanilla bean, ginger, habanero pepper, and a pinch of salt

Ideas for use:  Sprinkle on sliced apples, garnish a warm beverage, sprinkle on pies, cookies, add to whipped cream, rim a glass – this blend does have a slight kick!!




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