Mini Salt Vials – Best Selling Salts Collection


Dave says, “The Mini-vial gift sets are our best selling gift items!

Absolutely the perfect gift for the foodie!  They’ll love it!” 

Check out The Salt Table’s Most Popular Sampler Set – perfect for all the salt lovers who want to try something different. Over the years we have been asked for this type of gift item. We selected a best-seller from each basic category of salts. Himalayan, Infused, Hot and Spicy, Smoked, and Exotic.


The Salt Table’s
Best Selling Salts Gift Set…
… a collection of five varieties of salts, each in corked glass vials.
Comes packaged in a clear gift box with a bow.

Proof that good things do come in small packages. Actual size of Gift Box: 4″ x 4″


This “Mini Salt Vials Collection” makes a perfect thank-you gift or any gift where you want something unique and get a big bang for your gift budget. This gift box includes five of our best-selling salts:

Himalayan pink salt .7 oz. – our most popular and one of the purest salts on earth.

Black truffle sea salt .5 oz. – a natural sea salt flavored with Italian truffles. Our most expensive and most savory salt!

Hawaiian black sea salt .7 oz. – comes from Hawaii, and the black color is from activated charcoal. Use it just like traditional table salt for an exotic flair!

Hickory smoked sea salt – .5 oz. – This pure, crisp Pacific Ocean sea salt has been slowly smoked over an all-natural hickory wood fire. Its smoky, hickory flavor is perfect for adding a special touch to chili, soup, burgers, beans – you name it!

Sriracha sea salt – .4 oz. – flavorful and spicy sriracha pepper salt is the perfect finishing salt for adding a touch of spice to whatever you are making. It also makes a great drink rimmer!


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