The Salt Table is proud to partner with and support many local, national and international organizations.

We are small and and we remain very committed to our communities. We are also becoming very well known and as a result, and unfortunately, requests to donate funds or products has now reached an impossible limit even though most are extremely important causes.

Because it is simply impossible to fill all of the requests (several daily) we have developed a fundraising program that would allow any fundraising organization to obtain significantly reduced prices on The Salt Table’s bestselling products and then sell them to raise funds for their organization. The bottles can be personalized and carry the logos of the organizations.

Please click HERE to learn more about The Salt Table’s successful fundraising program.

Below is a form you can submit, but we can not promise that we will be able to fulfill your request to participate.  We wish your fundraising campaign great success. Please consider the fundraising program mentioned above. You can more then double your money!

Your friends at The Salt Table.

  • Items are generally shipped via USPS, but orders can also be picked up at either Salt Table location in Savannah or Pooler.
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