We have sold way more of the All ‘Round Good Grinder Blend than any other seasoning blend and it’s Carol’s very first blend! There are may thousands of customers who have enjoyed it in hundreds of recipes. So, we asked users to share their awesome recipes and ideas with us. Below are just a few. More to be added over time.  Winners were chosen at random, and these were our top six randomly chosen winners. 

We wish to thank all entrants for their great recipes and uses of All ‘Round Good Grinder Blend. We look forward to trying them soon.

If you have a great recipe you’d like to share, please send it to recipes@salttable.com


—————Winner of 12 Bottles – Jessica J. S., Glen Allen, VA

Savannah Steak — Medium Rare

•  New York Strip (Rib Eye or Filet Alternate)

•  Plugra (European Butter)

•  All Round Good Grinder Blend

•  Pepper

Preheat oven to Bake 275° Prep steak generously with All “Round Good Grinder season salt & pepper.

Pour your first cocktail. Place steak in oven & cook to 125-130°. Steak will look “sweaty”, cook for 25-40 minutes or more depending on thickness of steak(s)& number of steaks. Use meat thermometer.

Pre-heat cast-iron pan to medium setting.

Remove steaks from oven at 125-130° & rest for 10 minutes until inner temperature reaches 135-140°. Pour your second cocktail.

Use cast-iron pan-dry or coated with a few drops of oil. Sear edges of steaks first for approx. 90 seconds to 2 minutes each. Total 6-8 minutes.

Place butter in pan & on top of steak and sear steak on one side 2 minutes.

Flip steak(s)& repeat sear. Slice thin & serve immediately.

—————Winner of 6 Bottles – Freddie T, Monroe, GA

My recipe for Boston Butt is very simple.

1- purchase one or more Boston butts 8-12 lbs seems to work out best.

2- wash pork in clean running water and dry pork with paper towels.

3- coat pork with olive oil ( vegetable oil is also fine).

4- grind “all ’round good grinder blend over entire surface of meat , let set for about 10 minutes then rub salt and spice blend into meat . At this point I usually cover pork in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 8 hours but you can smoke or roast immediately.

5- smoke or roast at 225 degrees for 8-10 hours. For extra tender bbq at the 8 hour mark completely wrap pork in heavy duty aluminum foil ( I do two wraps for good measure) and continue smoking or roasting for about 2 more hours .

6- when times’up carefully remove from heat , foil may have hot liquid in it so “BE CAREFUL ” unwrapping, inside will be some of the best smoked or roasted pork ever , my favorite part is pulling that big shoulder bone out if done correctly the bone will basically fall out.

Happy cooking , enjoy!


—————Winner of 3 Bottles -David K, St. Petersburg, FL 

ARG Chicken Recipe

1 c. Ketchup or Sugar Free Ketchup
1/4 c. Brown Sugar or Splenda Brown Sugar
2 tbsp. Sorcestershire Sauce
1 Pinch (Salt Table) Smoked Onion & Garlic Sea Salt
1 Pinch (Salt Table) Peppercorn Medley

4 6oz Chicken Breasts
1 lbs Chicken Wings

Use glass pan and sprinkle All ’round grinder blend on uncooked chicken. Cook chicken breasts or chicken wings at 350 degrees for 25-25 minutes. Approx 10 minutes before chicken is completed, apply marinade mix to chicken. Save some of the marinade for dipping after chicken is completely cooked.

Serves 2 to 4 people

—————Winner of 1 Bottle – Vicktoriya, Canton, GA

Simple, but Good Cauliflower

Cauliflower – separated into smaller pcs,
brushed with olive oil and seasoned with All ‘Round
Good Blend. Simple, tasty, healthy.

—————Winner of 1 Bottle – Tammy S., Rincon, GA

Awesome Burgers or grilled meatloaf

1 1/2 cup lean ground beef
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
1/2 cup shredded cheese
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp Worcester shire sauce
1 egg
1 Oz onion soup mix
Salt table all round good blend
Mix all together and throw on the grill.

—————Winner of 1 Bottle – Dianne H., Miami, FL 33157

Perfect Okra Everytime

Okra For Everyone
Thin slice okra lengthwise
Saute in extra virgin olive oil
add sun dried tomatoes (optional)
Sprinkle liberally with All Round Good Grinder and stir gently
Sprinkle with Panko bread crumbs and let sit for 3 minutes.
Serve and receive compliments!

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