Emily G’s Mini Spreads


Sweet, tart and good on toast, crackers, cheeses, or right out of the jar!



Handcrafted in Small Batches                 Gluten Free!   No Preservatives!

Emily G hand makes each one with farm fresh all natural fruits. It’s freshness you can taste!

1.5 oz. jars

Perfect for your charcuterie boards, pb&j, picnics, toast, crackers!

Peach Marmalade, Ingredients:  Pure cane sugar, peaches, orange peel, ginger, tangelo juice concentrate, citric acid, pectin, natural peach flavor

Jalapeno Raspberry,  Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, green bell peppers, apple cider vinegar, jalapeno peppers, raspberries, citric acid, pectin, cayenne pepper

Triple Berry,  Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, lemon juice, pectin



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