Honey on the Hill

Pure, raw and all-natural honey


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From the Honey on the Hill Family!   Pure, Raw and all-natural
Extracted entirely from their own local beehives, they bottle the honey by hand in Eastanollee, Georgia.

Saw Palmetto Honey

  • One of the best natural honeys to boost your immune and digestive systems, Saw Palmetto Honey has been said to rival Manuka honey when it comes to antimicrobial benefits. This honey has a sweet-smoky flavor with citrus and caramel overtones and is best used as a sweetener for your favorite beverages and desserts.

Orange Blossom Honey

  • Orange Blossom honey from Florida orchards – one of the delights of gourmet chefs around the world. A great replacement for syrup on French toast and pancakes. Give it a try!

Bee Stinger Spicy Honey Marinade

  • Bee Stinger honey is a creation of Honey on the Hill founder, Dale Fisher.  He uses pimento peppers that he grows on the farm and combines with Wildflower honey makes this a winner for grilling chicken, pork and a personal delight with shrimp and grits. The carmelization process that happens during grilling helps to release the flavor of the pimento seed for a sweet and spicy delight with each bite.


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