Savannah Bee Honey for Tea, Cheese & Grill


World Famous Savannah Bee Honey!


Delicious and sweet.  Three flavors – all natural, pure honeybee honey from Savannah Bee.

Honey for Cheese!

  • TASTING NOTES: Incredibly bright, sharp, and crisp. Rounded but complex taste.
  • REGION: Argentina
  • PAIRINGS: Drizzle over piquant Danish Blue Cheese. Tame the tang of a creamy Roquefort and brightly complement salty Manchego or an aged Gouda. Delightful with fruit, especially berries.

Honey for Cheese is selected to to pair nicely with a wide variety of cheeses. Instantly upgrade any appetizer cheese tray, or try a slice of aged artisan cheddar with honey and sliced apples as an alternative to dessert. For a fantastic lunch treat, try dipping your grilled cheese sandwich in this incredible honey! Cheese and honey make a naturally delicious combination.

Honey for the Grill!

  • TASTING NOTES: Rich, smokey, maple-caramel flavor.
  • REGION: Georgia and South Carolina Low Country
  • PAIRINGS: Best for grilling for meat, poultry, and seafood marinades or sauces. Pairs beautifully with vegetable kabobs or wild salmon.

Honey for the Grill is specially selected and blended to be robust enough to hold up on the grill. The aroma from your backyard barbecue will amaze you … and your neighbors. Start a glaze with the honey, dijon mustard and olive oil mixed at a ratio of your preference (start out with equal honey and mustard and about 3 times as much olive oil). Then you can spice or add the acidity of lemon and/or vinegar to match this glaze to the meat or vegetables of your choice.


Honey for Your Tea!

  • TASTING NOTES: Subtle sweetness and crisp, mellow flavor
  • REGION: South Georgia
  • PAIRINGS: Perfect as a natural sweetener for teas of all types, coffee, and lemonade.
Honey For Your Tea is carefully chosen to be the perfect sweetener for fine teas. It sweetens without overwhelming your favorite tea’s delicate flavors and fragrances. Honey For Your Tea is versatile enough for spicy Chai, aromatic Green, Earl Grey, or a bold mug of Irish Breakfast. It is also a surprising twist in lemonade or minty mojitos.


The above Honey com in two sizes:  3 oz jars and 12 oz towers and in gift sets of three, 3 oz jars.


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