Salt Table Black Tea – in large 3 oz. bags


Southern Special Black Blend  (a blend of Ceylon and China black tea)

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The Salt Table has a great line of quality black teas that are sure to please!  Custom blended by hand, the flavors are wonderful, refreshing and smooth.  Black teas do have caffeine.

New Extra Large Size – Extra Value!
All teas now come in generous 3 oz. bags,
lined to keep the teas fresh for a long time.  

  • Southern Special Black Blend  (a blend of Ceylon and China black tea): A blend of exceptional black teas producing a smooth delicious tea. Great for iced tea or hot. We brew this in our store with sugar and everyone loves it!
  • Fresh Blueberry- OUR NEWEST SEASONAL FLAVOR: Black tea with other natural fruit flavors – perfect for outdoor parties!
  • Cherry Vanilla: This Black Tea has a hint of cherry and vanilla. This smells so good brewing and also tastes like warm cherries and vanilla on the palate.  It is nice as a hot tea and also an iced tea.
  • Fresh Peach – BEST SELLER: Black tea with a peach chaser.  Add fresh lemon and ice for a perfect summertime iced tea!
  • Almond Cookie: Black tea with a wonderful almond aroma and has real almonds in it! This one is wonderful sipping on a cool evening!
  • Pumpkin Caramel Black Tea (seasonal): A black tea with cinnamon pieces and pumpkin and caramel flavoring.
  • Chai Spiced Tea Blend: Chai flavors of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and black pepper tossed into a black tea for a taste inspired by traditional Indian tea called “masala Chia” or spiced tea.


HOW TO BREW TEA:  Use 1 teaspoon per cup. Measure the tea into a tea infuser and put in a cup.  Boil water and pour into cup.  Allow to steep for 3 to 5 minutes.  For iced tea, use 2 teaspoons of tea leaves, and add  sugar (if you want it sweet) to the tea while hot, then add ice.

Ingredients:   China black teas blended with fruit flavors


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