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Savannah was just chosen by 'Travel and Leisure' magazine as Third Best City in the United States and Ninth best city in the world. And, it's no wonder to anyone who has visited Savannah. From the streets lined by majestic Live Oaks draped in Spanish Moss to Savannah's beautiful beach at Tybee Island, and from the elegant squares to Savannah's historic architecture, it's beautiful. From its culinary excellence and from Savannah's warm and welcoming people…. Savannah is simply one of the best places to visit and to live … In the world!

It is Savannah's attributes that have inspired Carol to employ her amazing ability to convert places and things into award winning Salt Table seasoning blends. Flavors that will inspire your culinary passions and help you bring the most flavorful meals to your table … Savannah style. These blends are all listed below and each contains the name “Savannah” “Tybee,” or its famous mile long “River Street.”

And, by the way, the Live Oaks pictured in the background of the above graphic is the work of the husband and wife photography team, Jonathan D’Arts and Marlene Bauer. We are proud to say that their collection of Savannah's most beautiful sites is exclusively available to view and even purchase on line and in The Salt Table shops.Visit here:  Many more scenes are available in the shops.

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