25% Off – Salt Table Fruit & Herb Tea – 3 oz. Bags

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Strawberry Peach Fruit Tea: This is the Salt Table House Favorite!

Fruit Teas are also known as Tisanes, and are naturally caffeine free!


The Salt Table fruit teas are natural dried fruits and herbs. Custom blended by hand.  Naturally caffeine free!  Delicious!  When you brew these teas, you are re-hydrating real fruit! 

Strawberry Peach Fruit Tea: This is the Salt Table House Favorite!  It is a mix of dehydrated fruit and natural flavors.

Caramel Almond Fruit Tea: out of stock

Cinnamon Apple Fruit Tea: Hibiscus and sunflowers blended with dried apples and delicious cinnamon. The aroma alone will remind you a fresh baked apple pie.

Lemon Mango Fruit Tea: Dehydrated fruit, rosehips, hibiscus flower and fruit flavors blend to give this tisane a refreshing bite.


HOW TO BREW TEA:  Use 2 teaspoons per cup.  Boil water and pour into cup.  Using a tea infuser, steep for 3 to 5 minutes.  For iced tea, use 3 teaspoons, and add  sugar (if you want it sweet) to the tea while hot, then add ice.



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