Ever Wonder What Flavors Are Most Popular of Salt Table’s more than 200 Flavors?

All Salt Table Brand Products are All Natural, Hand-Blended, and
Packaged in Savannah Area in our own facilities …

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1. All ‘Round Good Grinder Blend (#1 from Day 1)

2. 2015 Winner! Tybee Island Coastal Blend (Super on Seafood)

3. Savannah Summer Salt (Great on everything, anytime of year.)

4. 2016 Winner! Leek, Clive & Onion Blend (Endless Options)

5. Ghost Pepper Sea Salt (For those who like heat)

6. Black Truffle Sea Salt (Unbelievable)

7. Smoked Bacon Salt (Who doesn’t love bacon!)

8. High Performance Blend (Perfect for runners & athletes)

9. River Street Cobblestone Blend (Awesome)

10. Savannah Sizzle Seasoning (Spicy Good)

11. Savannah Live Oak Lime & Pepper (mmmmm)

12. Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse Grain (Amazing)

13. Himalayan Salt Slabs (Cooking Blocks & Cutting Boards)

14. Savannah Spanish Moss Blend (Good on anything)

15. Old Man River Blend (No salt! Loads of flavor!!)

16. Raging River – 5 Pepper Blend (Very Spicy, Very Popular)

17. Savannah Sunshine Lemon & Peppercorn (Customers love it!)

18. Salt Table’s No Salt Seasoning Blend (No Salt… Lots of Taste)

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